Februari 02, 2011

Mr Bean & Family

Muka2 cute Mr Bean


Rowan Atkinson & wife dia...SUNETRA SASTRY

Anak Lelaki Rowan Atkinson...Benjamin Atkinson..ensemboi juga kan..huhu~

Anak perempuan Rowan Atkinson ...Lily Atkinson

Jom Kita Skodeng sikit sejarah Mr Bean ni

Anak Bongsu dr 3 beradik
Ayahnya, Eric Atkinson merupakan petani dan Director Syarikat.
Ibundanya Ella May (née Bainbridge),
Dilahirkan pada JANUARY,09 1955 di Newcastle-upon-Tyne , UK .
Anak Perempuan: LILY ATKINSON

Atkinson, the youngest of three sons, was born in Consett, County Durham, England. His parents were Eric Atkinson, a farmer and company director, and his wife Ella May (née Bainbridge), who married on 29 June 1945. He has two older brothers, Rodney, a Eurosceptic economist who narrowly lost the United Kingdom Independence Party leadership election in 2000, and Rupert. Atkinson was brought up Anglican. He was educated at Durham Choristers School, followed by St. Bees School, and studied electrical engineering at Newcastle University.He continued with an M.Sc. at The Queen's College, Oxford, first achieving notice at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 1976.While at Oxford, he also acted and performed early sketches for the Oxford University Dramatic Society (OUDS), the Oxford Revue and the Experimental Theatre Club (ETC), meeting writer Richard Curtis and composer Howard Goodall, with whom he would continue to collaborate during his career.

Best known for his use of physical comedy in his trademark character of Mr. Bean, others of Atkinson's characters rely more heavily on language. Atkinson often plays authority figures (especially priests or vicars) speaking absurd lines with a completely deadpan delivery.

One of his better-known trademark comic devices is over-articulation of the "B" sound, such as his pronunciation of "Bob" in a Blackadder episode. Atkinson suffers from stuttering, and the over-articulation is a technique to overcome problematic consonants.[citation needed]

Atkinson's style is often visually-based. This visual style, which has been compared to Buster Keaton, sets Atkinson apart as most modern television and film comedies rely heavily on dialogue, and stand-up comedy is mostly based on monologues. This talent for visual comedy has led to Atkinson being called "the man with the rubber face": comedic reference was made to this in an episode of Blackadder the Third, in which Baldrick (Tony Robinson) refers to his master, Mr. E. Blackadder, as a "lazy, big nosed, rubber-faced bastard".

Marriage and children
Atkinson married Sunetra Sastry at the Russian Tea Room in New York City, U.S. with Stephen Fry as his best man. The couple have two children, Benjamin Atkinson and Lily Grace Atkinson, and live in Northamptonshire as well as Oxfordshire and London, while their children go to school in Oundle.

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