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Januari 01, 2011

WHisHLisT 2011

Yeah! Tahun 2011. Maka dengan itu, patik mengisytiharkan bahawa akan bertambahlah umur patik menjadi 27tahun.Arhg! Biar benar.?Adakah pada usia ini, patik akan menimang cahaya mata?Rasa2nya, umur tu, mmg dah layak bergelar ibu (kot?).Haha~Smuanya ketentuan Allah.Kita ni cuma hambanya..hanya membuat proposal.Approvel, semuanya dr ALLAH yg Maha Esa.Intro tahun 2011 ni d mulakan dgn berita menyedihkan pelakon Faizal Yusof @ Danny Adamaya kembali ke Rahmatullah.Skodeng blog Yaya.Al-Fatihah buat beliau.Dan Takziah buat family arwah.
Banyak btl kenangan tahun lepas.Kenangan indah dan tak berapa indah berjaya menerobosi gawang hidup patik.Cheh!Ada gaya sasterawan ka?

April-kombokesen.(Org brunei cakap, convocation)
July-Majlis pertunangan yg selamba antara patik dan bopren(kini uda jd husband patik)
November-Majlis pernikahan & perkahwinan patik dan husband

Untuk tahunni, patik mempunyai Wishlist membaham

Nikkor 70-300mm f/4-


Nikon calls this the Nikon AF Nikkor 70-300mm f/4-5.6G.

It has thirteen elements in nine groups.

It takes 62mm filters.

It is 4.6" (117mm) long by 2.9" (74mm) around and weighs 17 oz (480g).

It focuses as close as 4.9 feet (1.5m), which is pretty good at 300mm.

It takes the HB-26 hood which seems identical to the HB-15 hood of the 70-300 ED lens.

It is also D compatible.

It has a great nine-bladed diaphragm.


Fine at most focal lengths, soft at 200 to 300 mm wide open.

It ought to be similar to the 70-300mm f/4-5.6D ED AF since I suspect it has the same optics. This G lens has sloppier mechanics and a plastic mount; the three times as expensive ED version has a metal mount. I suspect the glass is the same on both but haven't actually shot them head-to head to confirm.

AF speed is identical to the 70-300mm f/4-5.6D ED AF, which is slow. One full turn of the AF screw brings one from infinity to 40 feet. The 70-210mm f/4-5.6D AF is much, much faster.

Maximum Aperture:

70 mm: f/4
100 mm: f/4.2
135 mm: f/4.2
200 mm : f/5
240 mm: f/5.3
300 mm: f/5.6


As tested on a DX digital camera. Film will be tougher, since the real edges of the image aren't used with a digital camera's sensor. Film also has lower ISOs will lead to larger apertures and longer shutter speeds just asking for trouble.

It will be difficult for many people to get sharp images at the longer focal lengths because one will need to use smaller apertures, but that leads to longer shutter speeds and more potential for blur. Blur is also a problem because this such a lightweight lens. Big fat telephotos help stabilize camera shake due to their weight alone, and others incorporate additional special active stabilization. This $140 G lens has none of that, so don't blame softness on just the lens since it just as likely could be your technique.

70 mm:

f/4: sharp center, a little soft corners
f/5.6: sharp center, just a tad softer in the farthest corners
f/8: sharp all over
f/11: sharp all over

100 mm:

f/4.2: sharp center, softer corners
f/5.6: sharp all over, a little bit softer corners
f/8: sharp all over
f/11: sharp all over

135 mm:

f/4.2: reasonably sharp center, soft corners
f/5.6: reasonably sharp center, slightly soft corners
f/8: sharp center, slightly softer corners

200 mm:

f/5: soft; secondary lateral chromatic aberration
f/5.6: soft; secondary lateral chromatic aberration
f/8: reasonably sharp and less secondary lateral chromatic aberration
f/11: reasonably sharp.

300 mm:

f/5.6: Soft, or pleasant spherical aberration for portraits. Secondary lateral chromatic aberration.
f/8: Soft. Secondary lateral chromatic aberration.
f/11: Much better, still has secondary lateral chromatic aberration.

At 300 mm focus isn't always dead-on, either. Watch out for narrow depth of field as well at f/5.6. Try f/5.6 for deliberate soft focus effects, since that's what happens at f/5.6.


I tested this on a digital camera. It will be worse on a film camera since film has a larger image area. Use it at about 90 mm for the least distortion.

70 mm: tiny bit of barrel distortion
100 mm: fairly neutral, just the tiniest bit of pincushion.
135 mm: very minor pincushion
200 mm: pincushion
300 mm: pincushion

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